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Help for Ukrainian refugees

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We are stunned by the outbreak of war in the Ukraine. The population is fleeing. Partner sein is helping. Please help us too!
Russia troops have attacked Ukraine and a state of war exists in Europe. Apart from the fact that we are horrified by Russia’s actions, we recognise the need to support these refugees from the Ukraine. Partner sein accepts its responsibility too.

Currently, ten thousands of people are fleeing out of the Ukraine into neighbouring Poland. Our Polish sister church is heavily engaged - at the border to Ukraine - in supporting and finding accommodation for the refugees. Partner sein is also helping here. With our financial support, sleeping bags and food supplies can be made available in the metropolitan area of Lublin.

Please help us! Partner sein calls for your support in this refugee crisis. The more money we can raise, the greater our help can be. The people fleeing from Ukraine give you thanks.

Please make your payment now with TWINT or to:

IBAN: CH32 0900 0000 2501 0000 5
Reference: Ukraine
Partner sein
Relief organisation of the Swiss Old Catholic Church

Here is a first report from our contact person in Poland:

TOGETHER we can achieve more for the UKRAINE

In 21st century Europe a war, in the true sense of the word, has broken out. Endless evil things are happening – civilians, children, women, innocent and vulnerable people are dying; soldiers, defending their native country, as well as attackers, are dying. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of citizens have sought shelter outside of their native Ukraine.

Poland is the destination for much of this exodus of mothers and children. We are helping – that is our christian obligation – in many ways: we accept these refugees, most of whom could bring very little with them. We provide accomodation, food, clothes, sanitary products, medicines and, where needed, medical treatment. Church parishes: both priests and lay persons also provide support. No one knows how long this war will last and how long these refugees will need to stay with us. Whatever happens, we will not leave them to their fate, their fears and sense of insecurity. Many situations require only our time and our willingness to help, but at times there are situations which can only be helped by financial support.


Rev Andrzej Gontarek, Lublin
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