A thank you to Partner sein from Syria

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The Archbishop of the Syrian-Orthodox Diocese of Aleppo has thanked Partner sein for their rapid and constructive aid to the earthquake victims in Syria.
Apart from our regular development aid, Partner sein is also engaged in helping victims of catastrophes. This time with financial help for the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. Thanks to existing connections to the Syrian-Orthodox community in Switzerland we have been able to swiftly transfer a sum of money to the Syrian-Orthodox Diocese of Aleppo to provide urgent aid to local earthquake victims. The Archbishop has thanked us for our support.

A second sum of money has been sent to the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) in Beirut, an ecumenical organisation of churches in the Middle East, with whom we have worked previously in Lebanon. The Syrian-Orthodox Church is also a member of MECC and will benefit from this aid. On the MECC website is a video iterview with the Archbishop of Aleppo providing information on the actual situation in Aleppo.

The situation in the area affected by the earthquakes is extremely precarious and people need our support both now and in the future. With further donations, Partner sein can assist our local partners to provide urgently needed aid to the affected persons over the next months.

Thank you for your support!
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