Projects 2021

Projektliste 2021

The situation is serious. The Covid-19 pandemic hits the poorest especially hard.
Health systems in poor countries cannot deal with the situation. Cramped living conditions and poor hygiene heighten the risk of infection. Masks, protective clothing and the needed medical infrastructure is often unavailable. Many people live from poorly paid jobs with no social security. When schools are closed, millions of children receive no midday meal and go hungry.

In 2021, Partner sein will support 30 projects in 9 countries. Despite Covid-19, most projects can be realised, but some of the schools remain closed. Our charitable engagement in Africa is in Uganda, in Tanzania, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in South Sudan, in Mozambique as well as in Zambia. With the majority of our projects we are working locally together with the Anglican church, sometimes since many years. In the Philippines, our partner is the Independent Philippine church, a member of the Utrecht Union. We also support a project for distressed women in Hong Kong run by local Christian churches. In Lebanon we help support refugees. New in Uganda is the construction of a sunken rainwater collection tank at the schoolhouse in Kiwenda (U 02), the improvement of the water supply in Kanoni village (U 04) and the purchase of a school bus in Kanoni (U 12) as well as the construction of a vocational training centre in Ibba, South Sudan.

The situation for Partner sein is serious. In 2020 our income reduced rapidly. Fundraising events such as concerts, the national sale of roses, soup days etc did not take place. Please remember that the people we support with our projects are generally far worse off than we are. With this in mind, please remember Jesus’s words “whatever you do for the least of my sisters and brothers, you do for me”.

Thank you for your continued support.

Raymond Dumont, President
Robert Amstutz, Anglican Church delegate to Partner sein
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