Emergency aid in Goma after eruption of volcano

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The eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano on 22 May 2021 led to the evacuation of entire neighbourhoods in the city of Goma, on the northern shore of Lake Kivu in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.
Claudaline Muhindo, our local partner who has been running successful projects for many years, including the Tumaini day centre for orphans (project K 09), called on Partner sein for emergency aid.

By sending USD 5,500, its organisation ASDIG (Action salutaire pour le développement intégral de Goma) was able to quickly deliver a week's worth of food for 140 households. This represents 2575kg of maize flour, 1400kg of beans, 1100kg of rice, 600 litres of vegetable oil and 140 packets of salt. In addition, there was a batch of medicines for basic care.

This sign of solidarity was very much appreciated by the disadvantaged families, who do not have the means to flee to Rwanda or to Bukavu, on the south shore of the lake, and who have to survive in very precarious conditions.
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