Donate a cow !

Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.

Your legacy for Partner sein ?

If you are wealthy, give some of it;
if you are poor, give from your heart.
Others dibbled what I eat;
I dibble what others will eat.

With a legacy you render Partner sein a significant service. You contribute to disburden the life of disadvantaged people and to offer them a better future. You support the activities of sister Churches. You promote an essential duty of the Old catholic Church of Switzerland.

Partner sein manages since its creation in 1970 the commissioned funds with a lot of thriftiness. The project partners on-the-spot will benefit thoroughly from your help, because not one frank will be used for the administration of the relief organisation (these costs are borne by the Old catholic Church of Switzerland).

To do a legacy in favour of Partner sein, you have requisitely to write down your testament by hand and to deposit it in a competent office (like an inheritance office). If you want to bequeath Partner sein a certain amount of money, real estate, drawings, jewellery or value papers, you can formulate it in the form of a legacy in your testament. A testament prevents furthermore inheritance disputes or unnecessary expenses and can bring sometimes a tax relief. In the majority of the cantons legacies to relief organisations are succession duty free. So the whole amount of your legacy will be granted to Partner sein. If you need more informations for writing down your testament, we recommend to you to contact an expert (solicitor, commissioner of oaths, lawyer). You can also aim your questions to Partner sein confidentially and without engagement.

Before constituting the legacy in favour of Partner sein, you can ask for our project list and choose the project which conform to your personal concerns. Legacies with such fixed purposes are as efficient and treated with good faith as the ones without named purposes which allow the committee to mobilise flexibly its means.

We are very grateful that you inform us if you set a legacy in favour of Partner sein. It will allow us to inform you regularly about our activities. The president of Partner sein is every time at your disposal for more information.
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