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Ecumenical Lenten Campaign

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Ecumenical Lenten Campaign

Partner sein works closely together with other Swiss organisations which pursue similar aims, especially with the relief organizations of the two other sister Churches. Since 1993, Bread for all, Fastenopfer and Partner sein appear on a common platform in the Ecumenical Lenten Campaign. Through the Lenten agenda, the poster action and media work a large part of the Swiss population is reached. Every Old catholic household is especially invited to donate to the Lenten Campaign, and many parishes organise or get involved in special events, particularly ecumenical, to increase the donations. In addition, a special mission collect is raised on Trinity Sunday (the Sunday after Pentecost) in every Old catholic church in Switzerland.

The Motto of the Ecumenical Lenten Campaign 2019 is:
Together for strong women –
together for a better world.

Since 1969 Fastenopfer and Bread for all have particularly engaged themselves in their joint ecumenical campaigns to work against poverty and for the rights and dignity of people. Since 1993 Partner sein has actively worked together with them. Our ambition, to change peoples way of thinking and achieve our goals will be continued in the Jubilee campaign 2019.

The 2019 campaign centres on a specific theme: Women have an important role to play in the economy. However, they are often under-represented at decision making levels, salary level discrepancies continue to exist worldwide and their contribution to the local economy often goes unrecognised: they concern themselves with maintaining social networks, in many parts of the world they till the fields and harvest the crops in a peasant economy and carry out most of the care work for the sick and elderly – all this, mostly unpaid. Therefore, women stand in the focus of the 2019 Ecumenical Campaign. As strong players, campaigning for their rights and for their livelihood but also for an economy which does not destroy but supports life.

The 50 year Jubilee of the Ecumenical Campaign offers an appreciative moment to reflect on, and recognise, our achievements over the years. As the campaign concentrates on the work of strong women, we recognise that, also in Switzerland, women working in projects and programmes, in church communities and beyond, are a strong force behind the necessity for change.
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