Preview of the Ecumenical Campaign 2019

Ecumenical Lenten Campaign

Together for strong women –
Together for a better world.
Since 1969 Fastenopfer and Brot für alle, through their common Ecumenical Campaign, have fought against poverty and for the rights and dignity of impoverished peoples. Since 1994, Partner sein has actively supported this Campaign. The ambition, to heighten peoples awareness of the issues, shall be continued in this jubilee year.

At the same time, the 2019 Campaign has chosen to emphasise women. Women play an important role in their local economies. However, they are often underrepresented at decision making levels; wage differences continue to exist worldwide and their contribution in general is often not properly recognised. They look after social networks, in many parts of the world they bear much of the hard work in subsistence farming as well as the informal sector and do most of the care work, mostly in the form of unpaid work. On account of this, women have been chosen to be the focus of the 2019 Ecumenical Campaign. As bold players, fighting for their rights and livelihoods and for an economy which does not destroy, but provides a livelihood.

The upcoming 50 year jubilee offers a welcome chance to celebrate and recognise earlier and present engagements. The Campaign concentrates on the work of bold women and recognises that women have important roles to play in projects and programs abroad as well as in Switzerland and can be a driving force for change in the world.
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