Take serious responsibility – support the KOVI Initiative

KOVI blau

Partner sein calls us to support KOVI, the Responsible Business Initiative and to vote YES to this popular initiative which is intended to make the world a better place for us all to live in.
The main point of the Responsible Business Initiative is to create a mandatory duty of care by companies for human rights and the environment. Companies will be obliged to carefully evaluate what impact their business activities may have on human rights and the environment. Should any negative impacts be identified, companies will be required to take steps to improve the situation. Both the evaluation process and any corrective measures taken are to be formally documented. Should, despite the steps taken, any violations of human rights or damage to the environment occur, these violations and the corrective measures taken must also be documented.

The goals of the Responsible Business Initiative are the same as Partner sein applies to its projects. Together with other Christian charities and church organisations Partner sein recommends a YES vote in the ballot box at the forthcoming referendum.
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